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Carlie Clothing & Accessories - What we are about!

In February 2015 we both knew our goal was to hit the market circuit and make it our livelihood. But we wanted to stock something unique and of a high quality to offer to our customers - and was also affordable. We were thinking along the lines of 'hippy' cheesecloth clothing as who doesn't love that look? No-one in our market circle was offering this. We were lucky early on to be introduced to Paul and Elia at Szasha Creations and 'Carlie Clothing and Accessories' was born.

We are blown away by the fantastic range of Nepalese clothing and accessories we are able to offer our customers. We are further enthused by the fact that our suppliers are a part of Fair Trade. so we can rest assured with the knowledge that our stock hasn't been produced by using slave labor or in sweat shops. By going on the Szasha website you can see the fantastic projects your purchases help support,

As this is an evolving business, we have now also added a couple more suppliers. We still want to offer unique clothing, but an alternative to hippy, a bit more upmarket and a variety of choice for the more petite or mature customer. We welcome aboard Euro Dreaming, Paragraff Clothing and House of Tibet.

We are both dedicated to bringing to you items that are high quality, unique and try to keep realistic to your budgets. We offer you the chance to buy online or by following us on Facebook, you can see where we will be next. If it's close to you, you can come and try the clothes or arrange a home delivery

We Look Forward to Seeing You

Charlie & Carol - Carlie Clothing & Accessories.

Returns are accepted for faulty or incorrect sizing. We will refund or issue credit notes within 14 days of purchase.